Washcloth Update 

Ok I tried a different kind of stitch and I have chosen that the one in my last blog post will be for dishcloths and the one about to show you will be for washcloth. 

Looks pretty good with the factory brand huh. I done this one for my mom and added her favorite color red. She even confirmed that she loves it and said, “You’re only making me one.” So I will be making her another one. Also she agreed that the other one would be better as a dishcloth as well. 

Soon I will be trying my hand at making homemade soap, I can’t wait. I have such sensitive weird skin that I want to put together something perfect for my skin and focus on things like helping with itching, sensitive, dry (eczema) and to keep my skin hydrated. Stay Tuned. 

I am loving my crocheting journey. 


Crocheted Granny Square Shrug 

This red and black shrug I made for my mother and she loves it. A shrug that is oversized is cozy and comforts you like a blanket. 

This item is made to order 

Shrug Sweater

This one I did for myself.

Also this one I wanted to try my hand at a long sleeve shrug and I love it. 

Long Sleeve Shrug