One Sale 

This is a new journey for me and I’m trying. I hope to one day have loyal customers that will want to buy from me. I do it for myself but it’s always a bonus to get a little money for what you love to do. I keep at it and watch others be successful at whatever they want, while I can’t seem to get that kind of support. I may get a like here or there and I appreciate that so much because at least I know I’m being noticed. 

I will keep trying and hopefully one sale will turn into multiple sales. I’m just not sure what my calling is, what my purpose on this earth is. What should I be doing to succeed. I don’t know but all I can do now is be happy with my choices and I choose to continue on with this journey and hope for the best.

This post is to hopefully reach many and out of those many maybe just one person will want to buy from me and become a regular customer. 



Washcloth Update 

Ok I tried a different kind of stitch and I have chosen that the one in my last blog post will be for dishcloths and the one about to show you will be for washcloth. 

Looks pretty good with the factory brand huh. I done this one for my mom and added her favorite color red. She even confirmed that she loves it and said, “You’re only making me one.” So I will be making her another one. Also she agreed that the other one would be better as a dishcloth as well. 

Soon I will be trying my hand at making homemade soap, I can’t wait. I have such sensitive weird skin that I want to put together something perfect for my skin and focus on things like helping with itching, sensitive, dry (eczema) and to keep my skin hydrated. Stay Tuned. 

I am loving my crocheting journey. 

Crocheted Washcloth 

I finished a crocheted washcloth using the Tunisian stitch, using 100% yarn and I really like it. This was the first test run, I’m trying to figure out what the best stitch would be to use. This is what the end result was… 
I like it but there is definitely things I want to do differently. I should make it a bit bigger. So next I tasted it out by taking a shower to see how it feels. It actually feels alright. I will for sure add the accent color a different way, I just wanted to try it this way to see how it will turn out. For sure this will probably be better as a dishcloth maybe but no matter how I use it, it works. 

I will be going back to the “drawing broad” before I will make for sale.