Soap Saver 

A new item I will be crocheting are soap savers. I made one for myself some time back and it’s one with a drawstring, but the string gets in the way and I’m so happy to found another way to make them without the drawstring and I love it. 

If you’re wondering what the hack is a soap saver, well it allows the soap to last longer. You are able to use every bit of the soap. You know how you end up with the broken piece(s) of soap that you can’t hold in your hand anymore and too small to use. This helps that problem by it’s in the soap saver and it stays, the soap even soaks into the yarn so I have even used it when the bar of soap was completely gone but there was still soap there saved into the yarn. 

It’s an awesome gift and even more awesome way to tell the difference of everyone soap, if people in your household use different soap. Even if you have quests over you can give a gift to them and they have there very own soap saver with there soap. 

*washcloths and dishcloths will be coming also*  this is just the beginning. Stay Tuned! 


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